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Each one, teach one

"With knowledge comes power,
              with power comes responsibility."

Once we have the knowledge it is our responsibility to teach others;
that’s how we change the world.


Tyler Vaugn and Joshua James started
The Vegetable Butcher in 2017 after realizing that the quickest way to create change is through education.  By working with local restaurants, farms and other small businesses, The Vegetable Butcher is able to bring the ideas of mindful and compassionate eating into our community.


We have watched corporations and fast food chains swallow up our towns leaving little room for true creativity. We say, no more. With our pop-up dinners we are able to create a truly creative, interactive, and educational dining experience. We are raising awareness of where your food comes from and why we actually eat.


The Vegetable Butcher is the Uber of restaurants. We aim to be the most successful restaurant with no building. Imagine a restaurant that comes to you, instead of you having to travel cities away to get a great dining experience. Every meal is not only an opportunity to feed a mouth, but the chance to touch a heart, to change a mind and to open someone’s eyes. The Vegetable Butcher is a movement and we would love your support.  Check out our upcoming events to be a part of something bigger.


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